Have you had headaches, heart aches and tummy troubles ever since your loved one died? Then this week’s show, THE PHYSIOLOGY OF GRIEF is for you! We’re going to talk about the physiology of grief, what happens physically to us as we work our way through grief. My guest is Dr. Gloria Horsley, PhD. MFC and CNS who is the Founder and President of the Open to Hope Foundation, the world’s largest multi media web based resource for the bereaved. Gloria is an internationally known grief expert, psychotherapist, and bereaved parent. Visit Dr. Gloria on her web site www.Opentohope.com.

Gloria has spoken to thousands of bereaved people all over the country and she will be with us to help us understand what happens to us physically as we grieve. She’ll also have some tips on self-care and how to begin to heal ourselves physically. With Dr. Gloria’s sense of humor and easy way of making the complex seem simple, it’s bound to be a great show.

We’ll also be sharing a new feature of our show, “Dumb Things That People Have Said to the Bereaved” so we can moan and groan together. And then we’ll share some helpful words as well.

Visit me, Darcie D. Sims, your host, at radio@griefinc.com or www.griefinc.com or visit Good Mourning on Face Book. Stop by and travel with Dr. Gloria and me as we explore the physiology grief. Talk to you soon. Thanks for the little while.

Download the podcast here.


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